Astro Choice

Astro Choice

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This cleverly contrived presentation could easily form the introduction to a quick astrological reading for your spectator or client.

You display twelve cards each of which has one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac on it and you request the participant to select their own or a friend’s birth sign.

Naturally there is no force and you do not have a prior knowledge of their chosen sign.

Let us say they choose the sign “Taurus the Bull!”

You now show the backs of the other twelve signs and each has a bold RED spot printed upon it – the cards are counted as the spots are shown proving to be the other eleven Zodiac signs.

The participant now turns over their chosen sign and it proves to be the only one with a bold BLUE spot on its back – making this a truly unusual prediction style effect of the person’s own Zodiac sign!

Only twelve cards are used and the coloured spots are permanently printed upon the cards, which are also laminated for long life.

No loose spots are used. No sticky tape, wax, magnets or similar.

Astro Choice is easy-to-learn and resets immediately making it ideal for close-up and table-hopping.

We supply two different methods – choose the one you prefer!

Comes complete and ready to perform – no extras are ever needed. ANY of the twelve Zodiac signs can be selected.

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