Snow Monster

Snow Monster

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Loosely based on Nick Trost’s effect Bigfoot!
You are in search of the mythical Snow Monster as you present this unusual close-up trick with a surprise punch!

A few blank Close up size picture cards are shown as you explain they are all Snow Monsters but being pure white they cannot be seen as they are in a snow storm.

The last blank card is shown, and the Snow Monster Magically appears, and can now be seen as he has taken shelter.

He is now mixed with the other cards and your spectator tries to find him and is successful, but on a send try ends up with a blank card.

“I don’t know how you missed him!” You exclaim, “You must be snow-blind!” As you show that ALL the other cards are now Snow Monster pictures!

A novel, unusual and easy-to-do close-up card effect.

Comes complete with laminated Snow Monster cards (approx 3.5 x 2.5”, 9 x 6.5cm) & instructions.

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