Adair's Chinese Takeaway

Adair's Chinese Takeaway

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You’ll take-away happy memories after performing this hot close-up trick, a super effect with a Chinese Takeaway theme that's good enough to eat!

Chinese takeaway meals are as popular as ever; the menus are always comprehensive and dishes can be ordered by referring to their number.

You display a small brown envelope which you state contains your prediction and position it in full view throughout.

You show a miniature two-fold cardboard menu which lists six of the most popular Chinese meals sold in the UK. When opened the list is numbered 1 – 6, a different dish for each number. A spectator is asked to freely select any of the six numbers, there is no force.

The spectator holds the menu and looks up the dish by his chosen number (let's say it is Chicken Curry in this presentation) from the other takeaway meals such as Sweet & Sour Pork, Chop Suey, Spring Rolls and Peking Duck.

From inside the brown envelope your prediction is removed in the form of a paper slip but the prediction is written in Chinese. “Well it’s sort of a Chinese trick isn’t it, and it says Chicken Curry" you quip.

But the prediction slip appears to be double and rather suspicious-looking. You shake your head (no) and open it out completely – inside is the translation CHICKEN CURRY!

The prediction slip is left on the table for anyone to handle. Everything can be examined before, during and after. No force of number. You never touch the menu list after it has been handed out. No switching the prediction slip – only one is used. Uses an unfaked brown envelope.

Next time you present Chinese Takeaway it could be another number and different Chinese meal selected by the spectator.

Comes complete with two sets of two-fold cardboard takeaway lists (approx 3.75 x 2.75", 8.5 x 6.5cm when folded), two printed prediction slips, small brown envelope & instructions.

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