Lucky Chance

Lucky Chance

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You display a closed gift bag in full view announcing that this is your prediction of an event about to happen.

A number of laminated picture cards are mixed faces down as you explain that these are your, “Lucky Chance cards” which have pictures of fantastic prizes and your spectator is to eliminate them until they only have one picture left which will be their very own lucky prize.

Imagine their faces when fabulous prizes such as a World Cruise or a Million Dollars etc are eliminated, just what will the prize be for your participating spectator? Everyone will be waiting in anticipation!

Despite the apparent fairness of the situation you are in full control and can choose that they will be left with either a Balloon Animal or Chocolate when their picture is turned face upwards as their final lucky chance card.

What’s more when your gift bag is opened that is exactly what they will discover inside, after all, they didn’t really expect to win that beautiful house or any of the other awesome prizes that they eliminated!

All the fantastic lucky chance cards can be left for examination without a clue to your methods.

Can be reset in a moment and is perfect for table-hopping, cabaret, television and all such similar events. It is also easy to do!

Comes with pocket-sized picture cards (approx 4 x 3", 10 x 7.5cm), un-gimmicked gift bag & instructions. Use your own chocolate or balloon animal prize.

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