X-Ray Camera Jumbo Size

X-Ray Camera Jumbo Size

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A playing card is selected in a fair manner by an audience member and he is told to burn its value and suit into his mind but not allow you to see his choice. Let us say that the chosen card is the Ten of Hearts.

Two laminated plaques are freely displayed and shown on both sides. Each side is seen to have a picture of a camera upon it, and you explain it is your special portable Flat-Bed X-Ray Camera.

The X-ray camera is touched to the spectator’s forehead and he is told to concentrate really hard on his chosen card and after a moment the plaques are removed and separated – but nothing has happened.

Again, your X-Ray camera is put against the spectator’s head when suddenly everyone hears a click, “Ah,” you say, “the camera is now switched on and doing its work.”

After another brief wait the plaques are given to the spectator who opens them himself to find an X-ray picture of his skull (or so you claim) with a permanent impression of his chosen card on the skull’s forehead!

Everything can be left for examination without a clue to the mystery. Can be repeated with another playing card if you wish.

Available in two sizes; pocket (approx 4 x 2.75”) and jumbo (approx 8 x 5.5”) for larger audiences. The little-known baffling method is surprisingly easy to do, and you can use any deck of playing cards for the selection

Comes with the special X-Ray Camera plaques & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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