Clown Nosey

Clown Nosey

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A colourful lightweight and great fun routine. There is something about clown’s coloured noses which appeals to both children & adults!

You start by showing a large A4 size card holder with a round window at the front through which your audience can see the back of a large laminated card, which you explain is a picture of Nosey the Clown who always wears a different coloured nose for his shows.

Unfortunately, today he has forgotten to put his nose on and is a little uncomfortable about the audience seeing him without his funny nose, so you ask the audience not to laugh when you show him. They do laugh of course when they see the large white space where his nose should be, so to cover his embarrassment you put him back into the card holder.

Luckily you have four large colourful clown’s noses with you and the children decide which nose he is to wear, you put the chosen nose safely in your pocket but while you get your magic wand somehow it completely vanishes, and you pull out your pockets in an effort to find the missing nose, showing it has really gone – could it be back on Nosey the Clown? But no, when you look, he still has a large white space where his nose should be.

However, when you turn to place him back onto your table, the audience sees the missing nose on your trousers’ bottom, causing lots of laughter and consternation as you try to reach around and remove it. There is plenty of scope for business and fun at this point. You drop the chosen nose back into your pocket for safe keeping while you return the clown picture into the card holder, leaving it in full view ready to try again

Once more, the nose vanishes without trace with a repeat of the pocket business, in desperation you get the children say your magic words, and when Nosey the Clown is removed (leaving the holder empty) there he is with the correct chosen nose in place for your hilarious climax!

Comes complete with A4 card holder, five noses (approx 2.75”, 7cm in diameter), two clown picture cards (approx 10.75 x 7.75”, 27 x 19.5cm) & instructions.

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