Frog who would be King

Frog who would be King

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Once upon a time there was a King who upset the local witch, so in revenge she cast a spell on him and instantly turned him into a frog!

Or so your story goes! as you present this delightful effect that is suitable for adults, children and also senior citizens, using laminated pictures, a card holder & a regular pack of playing cards.

The spell can only be broken when a beautiful Princess cuts the deck to the correct card known only to the witch and then blows a kiss to the Frog King, a picture of whom you show complete with his crown still on his head. Meanwhile, your Frog King retires to his Royal Pad (the card holder) with his back to your audience.

A lady from the audience is invited to play the part of a Princess and your regular deck of cards is freely shown and shuffled then the Princess cuts the deck at any point, notes the cut-to card whose name she then calls out loud, “The King of Hearts!” and blows a kiss to the Frog King.

Incredibly the witch’s spell is broken, and the Frog magically changes into the King of Hearts, amid wild rejoicing by his subjects and your audience!

An alternative story can also be told about a Queen being turned into a Royal Frog who can only be released from the witch’s spell by a handsome Prince from your audience by choosing the Queen of Hearts.

The pictures can be examined by the audience if you wish, both before and after the routine without a clue to how your magic happened. Use your own or a borrowed deck of playing cards, we supply the method or use your favourite.

Comes with three A5 laminated picture cards, for both the King & Queen effects, card holder & instructions,

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