Four-Card Mental

Four-Card Mental

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Based on an effective card trick by the prolific magical inventor Stewart James, I have adapted it to a stunning mental effect that plays well and is ideal for both close-up & stand-up performances. It’s the ideal opening test for your Mentalism show!

You show four of a kind poker sized Bicycle playing cards, such as the four Kings or the four threes each of a different suit; Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades, no extra cards are used.

The cards are freely shown and then mixed before being slipped into your examined empty pocket or an empty audience examined envelope. There is no switch of either the cards or the envelope. You now turn your back to the proceedings that follow and can even stand at the opposite side of the room if you prefer.

A spectator freely reaches inside the envelope and takes out any one of the cards, changing his mind if he so wishes – he really does have a free choice of any one, no force is used. The envelope holding the other cards is closed, laid to one side & you don’t touch it again.

The participant remembers the card he has freely chosen, turns it face down and then conceals it between the palms of his hands or sits upon it, nothing could appear to be fairer. You now write something on a piece of paper which is handed directly to another audience member – no switch or nail writers involved.

The first participant now names his chosen card and shows it around – let’s say he has chosen the Ace of Diamonds; the second participant opens the front of the pad and it is seen that you have correctly named that very card!

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards, envelope & instructions. Use your own pad & marking pen.

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