Santa is Overweight

Santa is Overweight

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You show a picture card of an overweight Santa Claus who has been eating too many mince pies, chocolate bars and other food and is now far too fat to get down chimneys, though windows and keyholes in time to deliver all the lovely Christmas presents. Some serious magic is clearly needed!

With the help of the children and some magical words you all set out to shrink Santa down to size and so you pass his picture behind your back and when you next show Santa his waistline has clearly shrunk by magic.

However as soon as Santa is out of sight, he is back eating chocolate and mince pies and puts all the weight back on again. More magic is needed including further magical words, and when he is again passed behind your back his waistline has magically reduced dramatically once more.

But the children know it’s just one of your tricks and you are just turning the picture around and so they demand to see the back of the picture.

After more comical by-play you agree to show the other side only to find it is a picture of a medium-sized Santa Claus together with his sack of gifts and Rudolph his red-nosed reindeer (cue for a song) wishing all the boys and girls a Merry Christmas!

Very easy to do, carry this laminated picture card at the bottom of your props bag where it will take up hardly any space, an entertaining fooler that you will perform again and again.

Comes complete with A5 sized laminated picture card & instructions.

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