Love Is ...

Love Is ...

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Love is… the ideal effect for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries and for the odd twosome who happen to be together when you perform.

You show a number of ‘Love is’ cards each with a different picture and its own individual quote, such as ‘Besides chocolate YOU are my favourite’ or ‘I only want TWO things in the world YOU and US’ and so forth. These create lots of curiosity and interest when you display them.

Your special couple shuffle the ‘Love is’ cards together and then freely choose any one (no force), remembers it and then mix it back with all the others without your touching the cards and while your back is turned.

Still with your back to them, incredibly, the most ‘psychic’ of the couple magically finds their own ‘Love is’ card under seemingly impossible conditions & with the cards in her own hands to her utter astonishment!

The trick can also be repeated impromptu with regular playing cards (even a borrowed deck) or Tarot. Giant cards can also be used making it suitable for cabaret, stage or TV appearances, as well as close-quarters.

*No sleights or false shuffles are used.
*Almost everything happens in the spectators’ own hands.
*Very easy to do; no guess work, nail or other markings.

Comes with laminated ‘Love is’ picture cards (approx 4 x 2.5”, 10 x 6.5cm) & instructions.

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