Elusive Santa - Jumbo

Elusive Santa - Jumbo

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A baffling Santa Claus effect that you will always enjoy performing. Ideal for your Christmas shows and any time of the year.

Three picture cards of Santa’s elves are shown on both sides as you point out there is no sign of Father Christmas himself. Only three cards are used.

As you patter, to everyone’s surprise one of the elves mysteriously changes into a Santa picture card.

Your audience will be calling out to let you know that Santa Claus has magically made an appearance, but you don’t spot him as you have closed up the three cards.

Encouraged by your young audience you show the three cards back and front but there is no sign of Father Christmas to be seen. This sequence can be repeated creating more fun and excitement for your audience.

Eventually, and since we supply an extra Santa card, you can make him magically appear from your pocket, behind a curtain or wherever you wish!

Elusive Santa is a fun festive effect and thoroughly mystifying, yet so very easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or secret pockets; carry it in your show bag and you are always ready to perform.

Comes with the special laminated picture cards (approx 7.75 x 5.5”, 20 x 14.25cm) & instructions.

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