Noah's Ark Animal model - Close-up

Noah's Ark Animal model - Close-up

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Noah’s Ark is a splendid effect that you can perform right under their noses, partnered with a charming patter story concerning Noah’s boat & demonstrated with twelve cute animal picture cards. Based on a terrific trick by Nick Trost.

Twelve animal picture cards are freely shown two at a time representing the creatures going into Noah’s Ark two by two. But the animals seem to have got themselves all mixed up, as the pictures are shown it is seen that each pair have two different animals that don’t match.

A spectator holds the cards between their palms to represent the Ark. Fortunately, Noah was also a clever magician and when the Ark is eventually opened all the creatures have magically rearranged themselves into their correct couples!

You will love the patter story about Noah and his Ark. Don’t be left out in the rain – get this one NOW! Easy to do.

Comes with twelve unfaked poker sized animal picture cards & instructions.

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