Star Mix Up

Star Mix Up

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This is a combination of two popular comedy effects that will pack small but play BIG & create much laughter and applause!

You show an A5 sized envelope that is left in full view as your prediction and a gentleman is invited forwards.

Showing the audience a number of cards that you claim are pictures of various film & entertainment stars the spectators are amused to see they are all the same picture of Elvis Presley, it is obvious to them that you are about to play a joke on your hapless volunteer.

The gentleman chooses one picture and eventually announces the name of his ‘freely chosen’ star, “Marilyn Monroe!” Clearly taken aback by this you reveal your prediction picture which proves to be a baby which you claim is Marilyn Monroe when she was six months old. The envelope is shown to be otherwise empty.

Coming clean, you explain that on the back of the baby picture is Elvis Presley which the spectator had supposed to have selected, but somehow there’s been a mix up and your volunteer has chosen the wrong one.

Clearly magic is called for and you encourage your audience to join you in a magical word, then the baby picture is turned around to show the opposite side which proves to be a picture of beautiful Marilyn Monroe!

A super comedy-prediction applause-cue that brings the house down every time. It’s also a startling magical climax to a stunning mental routine. Easy to do. Packs neatly at the bottom of your case and always ready to perform.

Comes complete with laminated A6 size picture cards of Elvis Presley, an A5 baby/Marilyn Monroe picture card & instructions.

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