X-Rated Sex

X-Rated Sex

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This novel effect will not suit everyone but will be terrific fun for audiences that are not easily offended. Not sold to juveniles.

Ten laminated cards are dealt face down into two piles of five cards each and both you and a participant select one pile, which you both shuffle and then put behind your backs.

You now both secretly select a card, exchange it with each other and then insert your new card face up into your face down packet.

When the two packets of cards are brought to the front and spread face down, both upturned cards are seen to have a picture of a couple having a friendly hug, (see illustration above) and words written upon them, the lady’s says ‘Let’s Hug!’ which they read out, yours reads the same and so you hug!

An amazing coincidence or were all the cards the same? When the other eight cards are turned faces upwards your audience are in for shock as they are all have one word in giant red letters – Sex - magic indeed, as you exclaim, “Damn thing has gone wrong again!”

Only ten cards are used in this highly entertaining trick and no sleight of hand is required. Two different presentations are given. If you don’t want the sexual connotation, we also supply this item with the word ‘KILL’ in blood red letters.

Comes complete with ten laminated cards about the size of Bicycle poker cards & instructions.

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