Christmas Frolics - Giant A4 size

Christmas Frolics - Giant A4 size

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One of the best children’s effects ever & long off the magical market, our super, updated version based on Edwin’s Farmyard Frolics makes it a must-have for today’s magical entertainer.

You introduce Santa’s house in the snow showing pictures of the various characters that live there, but you get the names all mixed up, Mrs Claus for Rudolf and so on, creating lots of fun as the children put you right, calling out the proper names of each individual.

All is going well until Santa Claus suddenly disappears in a flash and no one knows where he has got to. Who’s going to deliver all the lovely presents?
The vanish is highly effective.

All turns out well at the end, thank goodness, when the children spot missing Father Christmas bobbing up and down behind the house but every time you look, he goes down again and only reappears when you glance in the wrong direction.

It takes you a while to catch on and when you do, you take him out showing the audience and asking for applause as Santa is back & Christmas is saved!

You will get a great reaction from the children when you feature Christmas Frolics in your new show. Santa Claus stories are popular all the year around and this will be a big hit in your children’s shows with all the colourful pictures and fun festive characters.

Packs flat and yet produces a BIG reaction, having loads of fun and keeping the children’s attention from start to finish with lots of audience participation, yet it is easy to do. Limited numbers are available so get yours today.

Comes complete with seven laminated GIANT sized A5 picture cards, Santa’s House folder & instructions.

Only £34.99

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