Sammy Seal

Sammy Seal

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We bring you this charming fun trick for your children & family shows that is BIG in effect but takes up very little room in your show bag.

With a simple to understand plot and a story that pulls on the heartstrings, this is another of our entertaining routines that lends itself to a great presentation that your audience are going to love.

Sammy Seal is very sad today because he has lost his beach ball so hasn’t got a colourful ball to balance on his nose and do tricks with when he entertains the boys and girls at the circus. It is time for the children’s clever magic to come to the rescue!

You show several different coloured cut-out beach balls – there is some fun in counting them as you keep getting the numbers wrong but eventually all is sorted out. One of the balls is selected but what has happened? Oh no, the selected ball has now vanished without a trace!

The children now have fun – magic words are uttered, and wands waved and there is all the usual entertaining business of trying to make your magic work and the beach ball return.

Eventually Sammy Seal is shown, and the selected and vanished ball is magically in place balanced on his nose – with Sammy’s seal of approval - he is now ready to make everyone laugh just as circus seals should do!

You are going to be proud to include Sammy Seal in your show as it has all the elements of a first-class routine; laughter, pathos, magic and final triumph – you just cannot go wrong with this item.

Comes complete with giant laminated picture cards, cut-out beach balls, A4 sized card holder & instructions.

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