Mind Reader's Dream

Mind Reader's Dream

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“You took my thoughts right out of my mind!”

You display several different jumbo-sized playing cards. The cards are freely mixed together by a spectator and then each is clearly displayed, and a spectator is asked to merely think of any one of them (no force).

Using your special powers, you are able to correctly reveal their mentally chosen card in an entertaining and dramatic manner.

Giving your spectator a simple empty bag and asking them to merely THINK of the colour, red or black, of their mentally chosen card you then eliminate the opposite coloured cards, one-by-one into the bag.

This is followed by asking that they think just of the suit of their card, and the other suits are eliminated in the same way.

Next they picture in their mind the value, & more cards are eliminated until you hold one back out jumbo card. The spectator announces the card they are thinking of and the one isolated card is shown to be the one they have announced!

Nothing else is used save nine jumbo cards and the simple bag for the elimination, the cards are not marked or gimmicked in any way and so can be thoroughly examined both before and after the trick. No questions are asked of the spectator, other than they think of the chosen card in the various stages as outlined above.

The trick is practically self-working; it will even fool other magicians & mentalists. No sleights, forces, gimmicks or extra cards are involved.

Perfect for table-hopping as no set-up is required; simply take the cards from the bag and having shown them allow them to be shuffled or mixed faces down, and you are all ready to perform this stunning mystery.

Comes complete with nine quality jumbo cards, cloth bag & instructions.

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