Tarot Reader's Delight

Tarot Reader's Delight

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Based on Al Koran’s version of the Princess Card Trick shown on television & performed in his cabaret appearances at top venues such as the Savoy Hotel in London.

Koran’s method used decks of regular playing cards & required a special piece of apparatus that switched two packs of playing cards and didn’t allow for the deck to be shuffled by an audience member. In our splendid Tarot version, NO switch of the pack is used. You can use any deck of Tarot cards (yes, even a borrowed one), which can be freely shuffled by any audience member right from the start.

Borrowing a pack of Tarot cards from the audience or using your own you have them thoroughly shuffled then you distribute packets of cards to a small number of spectators asking each person to simply THINK of any card that appeals to them from the ones they hold.

Each spectator now thoroughly mixes his set of cards and these are collected into one pile.

You call out the names of the various cards then every few minutes you pause, saying that you have the impression that one or more of the participants has heard the name of their thought-of Tarot card. Spectators raise their hand and without any questions or hesitation you hold up and name the very card that they merely thought of giving a short reading from the card if you wish!

All the freely thought-of cards are correctly revealed in this manner. You can perform this anywhere with any deck of Tarot cards they may hand you. No switch of the deck or gimmicks required. No extra cards or sleight of hand is needed.

Full instructions included and if you wish to do ‘readings’ our simplified system which can be quickly learned is detailed.

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