Japanese 4C

Japanese 4C

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Here is a mysterious Oriental-style prediction effect that you will love to feature both close-up and in cabaret.

You show a sealed envelope, which is given to a member of your audience for safekeeping. Saying that you will take your audience with you on a trip to Japan, visiting several towns and cities, you show several cards (5.75x3.75 inches); each with the name of a different Japanese city printed upon it – one is to be selected by an audience member and you declare that you have predicted the name of this city inside the sealed envelope.

A spectator chooses one of the cities by counting to a freely chosen number and the prediction envelope is opened to show several cards that you claim spells out the name of the chosen city – the only problem is that they are printed using Oriental letters which no one present can read!

Explaining that you thought there may be a problem – each card is now turned over and the letters correctly spell the name of the chosen Japanese city! Everything can now be examined, as there is absolutely no clue to your mystery.

This is a novel effect that is very easy to do but has completely baffled some of the best brains in magic.

Comes complete with all the cards and is ready to work straight away.

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