Elusive Queen

Elusive Queen

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A knock-out effect for your shows!

Based on the classic ‘stung’ trick but with a rather sexy ending suitable for grown up audiences.

Three A5 sized laminated cards are shown; the Five of Spades, the Queen of Hearts and the Seven of Spades.

All three go into a folder and you ask your audience to watch very closely. The Five is removed followed by the Seven and the spectators are asked to name the remaining card, they do so, “The queen of hearts!”

But you claim that the Queen has now vanished by magic, but the audience are suspicious since they notice the corner of a card and insist you reveal the inside the folder, after a little fun, you stick to your story that the Queen really has disappeared and the back out card in the folder is a completely different one.

The audience don’t believe you and demand that you show the other side of the card – then WHAM out comes the lady but oh boy what a lady! for instead of the original Queen there is a sexy picture of a glamorous babe!

Excellent self-contained method that is easy to do. No palming or double lifts. You will be able to work it right away, an absolute stunner – especially for the boys!

Comes with a set of laminated A5 sized cards & instructions.

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