Invisible & Impossible

Invisible & Impossible

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A very commercial effect using giant playing cards & an ‘invisible’ die with lots of fun and audience participation.

Using just four giant A4 size playing cards a spectator chooses a single card from the four displayed.

The selected card magically proves to be the only one with a different coloured back amongst the four!

The chosen card can have a message written boldly on its back such as ‘Happy Birthday!’, ‘Congratulations!’, ‘That’s Magic!’ and so forth if you wish.

No sleight of hand is used, and the cards may be immediately passed out to your audience for examination.

Perfect for cabaret, stage, dinner parties or TV. Reset it in a moment.

Invisible & Impossible is very easy to do, almost self-working, strong, highly entertaining and very visual as you will discover for yourself.

Comes complete with a set of four giant A4 sized playing cards (approx 12.5 x 8”, 31.5 x 20.5cms) & instructions.

Only £9.99

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