Your meaningful Tarot

Your meaningful Tarot

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Our item Significant Tarot has proven to be a favourite with both performers & audiences alike but using a full deck of 78 Tarot cards a number of workers found it was just too much to carry around, which is why I am releasing my handy slimmed-down version.
You lay your wallet in full view saying that you have your prediction inside that you will reveal later.
You show a set of ten Tarot cards explaining that the most meaningful Tarot card will connect with a person that desires a short reading or wants the answer to a question they have on their mind.

A lady calls out her favourite or lucky number between one & ten, the card at that number is located and you give your impressions of what this single Tarot card means to that individual.

The reading complete, you take out from your wallet your written prediction which you claim is a based on a dream you had last night in which strangely you saw that very same Tarot card & quickly wrote down its name. The lady opens your wallet herself & finds the name of her meaningful Tarot card written in bold letters within!

No, you don’t have ten predictions concealed inside your wallet. Repeat it again & it will be a different Tarot card selected. Resets in seconds. Ideal for close-up, walkabout & psychic fayres. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with several Tarot cards & instructions.

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