Red Riding Hood JUMBO A5 Size

Red Riding Hood JUMBO A5 Size

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Telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, illustrated with colourful pictures of characters that they can cheer and clap and of course boo the villain. This will be a sure-fire favourite.

You tell the tale of Little Red Riding Hood who goes to visit her poorly grandmother who lives deep within a wood, with some goodies in her basket.

She picks flowers along the way to give to her grandmother little realising that the Big Bad Wolf is hiding behind her - until the children warn her with their boos, so she hides in the Woodsman’s Hut for safety, without realising that her flowers are showing through the window giving away her hiding place.

The Big Bad Wolf tries to trick her into coming out, so he can steal her grandmother’s goodies from her basket.

The children say a magic word and it is the Woodsman who comes out of the Hut, chasing the Big Bad Wolf away leaving the hut clearly empty, so where is Little Red Riding Hood?
More magic words and she is found safe and well in the most unlikely place, to bring this exciting story to a happy ending for all!

Very easy to do and packs flat into your props bag.

Comes complete with JUMBO picture cards (approx 8.25 x 5.75", 21 x 15cms), card holder & instructions.

Only £12.99

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