Psychic Coin Location

Psychic Coin Location

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Based on a great idea by Al Koran.

Three bottle tops are laid out on the table as above and while your back is turned a spectator hides a coin from his own pocket underneath one of them.

Passing your hands over, but without actually touching, the caps you correctly sense under which top the coin is hidden repeatedly again and again!

Please note the caps are not transparent in any way and can be examined. No magnets, hairs or stooges are used. Performed many years ago on British television by Al Koran using three borrowed teacups and a borrowed scrunched-up banknote. (Not so practical now with polymer banknotes.)

Psychic Coin Location can be performed impromptu by borrowing three twist off bottle tops. We have presented it beautifully with the caps from Budweiser beer bottles.

You can also use any sized bottle tops, teacups, or three small eggcups and any coin even a borrowed or foreign one.

We supply the full instructions so that you can add this to your repertoire immediately as it is easy to do and could help to make your reputation as a psychic entertainer.

Perform Psychic Coin Location anywhere; close-up, walkabout or on TV just as Al Koran did.

Comes with our Mr E booklet which reveals all. Use your own props.

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