Princess Card Trick - Table Hopping Pro size

Princess Card Trick - Table Hopping Pro size

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Based on the world’s bestselling card effect invented in 1903 by Mr Henry Hardin.

You show a fan of laminated large sized playing cards asking a spectator to mentally think of one. He does not tell anyone the name of his choice or write it down.

Apparently reading his mind, you claim to be receiving a blank image and when the fan of cards is again shown one card has become blank and since the spectator’s freely thought of card is no longer there, logically it is his card that has become the blank.

But there is more, for when the spectator names his card out loud you now show the blank version of his mentally thought of card has a RED back – while the rest of cards all have blue backs. Magician’s logic is that you knew which card he would mentally choose and so you took his thought of card from a deck of a different colour.

But there is more, asking the spectator to think really hard of his card, you hold them against your forehead and when you next show the fan of cards the blank card has again changed back to the card that the spectator originally thought of!

This wonderful trick has a devastating effect on both lay-people and magicians alike.

Comes with laminated playing cards in three different sizes: Table Hopping Pro size, Jumbo for larger groups and Giant for stage, & instructions.

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