Cupid Love

Cupid Love

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Close-up magic is always popular at weddings & engagements particularly if you can do a special trick for the loved-up couple. Cupid Love has all the right ingredients & has sufficient novelty to use at wedding fayres and the like, helping secure those important bookings for your services.

You show two laminated pictures of Cupid, the ancient Roman god of love, then having shuffled your deck of playing cards you start to deal the cards face down and the Bride stops you at any point. You place one of the Cupid cards face up & crossways into the pack exactly where she has stopped you, marking this card.

Again, you deal from the top of the deck one card at a time and this time the Groom can stop the deal at any point he likes. The second Cupid picture is also inserted at this point to mark another card.

The two Cupid pictures are now separated from the pack together with the cards next to them and when these cards are all turned face up the cards they stopped you at are revealed to be the King and Queen of Hearts, which in turn prove to be an exact match for the two cards printed on the back of the Cupid pictures!

If you already own a blank-faced deck, then you can also include an amazing double prediction for when you turn the rest of the pack face upwards and spread the cards across the table each and every one is completely blank!

Everything can be left for examination. Easy to do.

Comes with two special laminated Cupid picture cards & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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