Chocolate & Sweeties World - GIANT size

Chocolate & Sweeties World - GIANT size

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Grab yourself a mouth-wateringly good effect.

You show a pictorial list of confectionary and chocolates available from the local wholesalers and allow any spectator to mentally choose any one of them, using no force and nothing is ever written down.

You now show a list of four shops that sell sweeties so that the spectator may find which the ones that stock the item of their free mental choice.

You ask them to imagine the taste and smell of their secretly thought of confectionary, then go on to read their mind, revealing the smell and taste and finally correctly naming their secret selection!

If you wish you can reward your participant with a small bar of chocolate for taking part in your show and concentrating so well.

A delectable routine that uses a clever method that cannot fail, makes for a popular way of rewarding volunteers – adults and children alike who have helped you in a previous trick and you can repeat this delicious effect again and again.

Comes complete with five laminated picture cards, Giant (approx 11.75 x 8.25”, 29.5 x 21cms), & instructions.

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