Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

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This is just about one of the most appealing & amazing card tricks ever, yet it is surprisingly easy to do. Ideal for walkabout, close-up or table-hopping.

You show a full deck of playing cards, fanning them so that both faces and backs can be clearly seen. You remove the Joker and ask a spectator if they know its true purpose in the pack. No matter what his reply, you turn the Joker over to reveal a happy-looking teddy bear on its back, as you explain that it is also the Teddy Bear card – used for finding other lost cards.

The gentleman holds this Teddy Bear card and the rest of the deck is now shuffled. Another spectator now selects a card, she signs its face and this card is now mixed back into the pack.

The gentleman now inserts the Teddy Bear card anywhere in the deck in an attempt to find the lady’s signed lost card. The pack is cut and given a single riffle for effect. The Teddy Bear card is located and the cards on each side of it are removed, but neither of them proves to be the lady’s selected one.

Undaunted, you turn over the Teddy Bear Card and the Joker has magically changed into the chosen card, complete with her signature! The Teddy Bear card can immediately be given to the lady to keep as a souvenir, be sure to write your name & telephone number on the back of the card.

Comes with enough sticky-backed Teddy Bears for over 27 performances & instructions. Refills are available at a small cost. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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