Four-Card Swindle - jumbo size

Four-Card Swindle - jumbo size

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Loosely based on Joe Riding’s ‘Three Card Trick With Four Cards’, originally marketed by Ken Brooke. Edward Victor’s ‘EYE Trick’ and Martin Lewis’s ‘Sidewalk Shuffle’. Patter by Billy Day.

You tell a fascinating story of, “A ‘Witch’ from Ipswich who came across a ‘pavement con artist’ doing the ‘three card swindle’ – only this guy was different he used FOUR cards, three cards were spot cards and the other card was a picture card.

The con-artist placed one spot card aside and then openly mixed the picture card together with the other two spot cards. He then asked the witch to bet her money on finding the picture card, asking her, "which card is which Mrs Witch from Ipswich! – I can’t say that when I have had a drink!”

You show three pip cards and a picture card. One of the pip cards is placed to one side and the picture card is mixed with the other two pip cards. Mysteriously the picture card vanishes – you now hold three pip cards. The picture card proves to be the pip card you placed to one side earlier.

The effect is repeated and in Billy Day’s amusing patter story, the witch again fails to find the picture card, losing money to the con-artist. The picture card always proves to be the one that is laid aside as a pip card.

Finally, in revenge, the witch puts a spell on the con-artist – the three cards he holds magically change to three picture cards, while the one that he has laid to one side proves to be a pip card!

The playing cards supplied are completely unfaked. While the effect will need just a little handling practice it is easy-to-do. You will learn it in a couple of fun spent hours.

Comes with jumbo size playing cards (approx 11 x 8") & instructions.

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