Instant Magic popsicle

Instant Magic popsicle

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This is the Instant Popsicle effect. Produce a coloured Popsicle with the help of an audience volunteer. The apparatus supplied makes the trick almost automatic in working. An offbeat item for kid show performers – complete with the special “Foo Can Principle” plastic popsicle, stick, attractive coloured "box" and instructions.

The performer displays a Popsicle (ice cream bar) Box. He opens it and tips it over, and all that drops out is a popsicle stick. Somebody has obviously consumed the ice cream when he was not around, he exclaims. But he knows a little magic. A little coloured liquid is poured into the box. The stick is now stuck into the box, the box inverted, and the liquid has transformed into a complete popsicle.

If you wish you can replace the popsicle in the box, pull out the stick, and pour out the liquid once again.

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