Lollipop Surprise - With Dragon Mystery Box

Lollipop Surprise - With Dragon Mystery Box

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For two seasons at Alton Towers Hotel in Staffordshire, Eddie presented Lollipop Surprise around the breakfast tables, it went down very well, with each child magically receiving a yummy lollipop for after their morning meal!

You show a small drawer box to be empty and leave it on the table in full view. Next you show three colourful laminated picture cards each with a picture of three lollipops on them. The children helped by their mums & dads wave their hand over the pictures and the box saying the magic word, “Lollicadabra!”

The picture cards are again shown, but each has mysteriously lost all its colour leaving white lollies in their place.

All is not lost however, for when the box is opened it is magically filled with loads of colourful lollipops one for each child!

For larger shows you can substitute a Dove Pan or some other magical prop for the lollies to appear in if you prefer.

Comes with the Dragon Mystery Box (while stocks last), lollipop picture cards (approx 3.75 x 2.75”, 9.5 x 7cms) & instructions. Use your own lollies.

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