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Sometimes a low-cost item that you carry in your pocket can create more interest than a fancy expensive trick; such is the case here with our spectacular Spooktacular.

You show three pictures of old thatched cottages explaining that you live in one of them yourself and the other two are your neighbours’ on each side of you. The trouble is all three dwellings have a ghost and these apparitions are shown on the opposite side of each card.

Your audience come in handy here, especially any younger members, in helping you to scare away these frightening spectres by saying magic words and making ghostly noises.

Eventually you show your two neighbouring cottages are now completely phantom free; the spirit in each dwelling has disappeared without a trace but where have they gone to?

Eventually you show your cottage and your spectators can see that those three apparitions have made themselves completely at home!

It’s an intriguing tale and the laughs are all on you. Dead easy to do, especially perfect for All Hallows Eve and you will be performing it often.

Comes with three laminated picture cards (approx 3.5 x 3”, 9 x 7.5cms) & instructions.

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