The Man Who Knows Mindreading Act - Download

The Man Who Knows Mindreading Act - Download

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Here is a little known method of apparently reading minds and revealing an incredible amount of true facts and details about members of your audience!

It DOES NOT require any pre-show information, clipboards, one-ahead or similar techniques. It is strictly a one-person act requiring no assistants. Only ordinary looking everyday properties are used. It is ideal for cabaret, stage & hotel lounge or similar venues.

The Man Who Knows Mind Reading Act is a startling demonstration that incorporates ESP and graphology – together with the apparent gift of prophesy that has the stamp of a true psychic – and yet is extremely easy to both present and perform – requiring little or no memory work or special skills of any kind – save the skill of showmanship and presentation.

Full method and instructions are revealed in this Mr. E booklet.

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