Chronologic Conjuring - Jumbo size

Chronologic Conjuring - Jumbo size

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An hilarious comedy effect that can that can be worked anywhere into your performance.

You show an envelope which is left in full view, explaining that it is for emergency use only - if anything should go wrong.

A spectator selects a playing card and shuffles it back into the deck and it is your job as the conjurer to locate his chosen card, unfortunately, despite several attempts, you fail to do so – time to bring out that mysterious envelope.

You announce that you will show them something better, claiming that inside the envelope is a card on which is clearly printed the participant’s birthdate. He tells you his date of birth and you remove the card from the envelope and reveal that it does indeed contain the spectator’s birthdate, as it does everyone else’s – it’s a single calendar card showing EVERY month & date of the year.

Don’t worry, everything turns out right in the end for on the back is a picture of the spectator’s chosen playing card!

We supply six of these handy calendar cards, three with a different playing card on its back, one with all 52 playing cards on its rear and to complete this fantastic set are two further calendar cards each of which have a different cute baby picture on their backs.

Comes with instructions & JUMBO Calendar Cards (approx A5) for stand-up.

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