Hotel Room With a View - Small Jumbo Size

Hotel Room With a View - Small Jumbo Size

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Your prediction envelope is left in full sight of the spectators and you never touch it or even go near it again.

Two gentlemen from the audience form a three-figure number between them in a very fair and open manner.

A lady uses a number to select an international hotel from a long list of twenty-one, which is in full view at all times. There is only one list used – honestly!

When the lady herself opens your prediction, she removes a picture of the hotel that she previously selected, underneath the hotel’s picture is confirmation of the lady’s booking for a room with a view and the room number is the very three-digit number formed earlier by the two gentlemen!

A different hotel name is selected on repeat bookings. Everything can be left for examination if you wish. An unusual & sure-fire applause-pulling effect that is so very easy to do.

Comes with instructions, and cards available in two sizes: small jumbo for close-up, and large A4 size for stage.

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