Horror Incorporated

Horror Incorporated

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With its scary theme this will prove spooktacular for Halloween or any similar occasion where you are in attendance.

You show a number of scary pictures and have a spectator shuffle them to his heart’s content. He then mentally chooses one without taking it from the packet, writing it down or any of the usual ways used to help you control it & reveal it later. Indeed, having mentally selecting any one (no force) he loses it again among the rest of the cards.

Explaining that South African witch doctors can recognise evil spells, and suchlike cast upon their followers, you have a theory that maybe ALL of us have powers to help protect us from evil and lead us down the right path, so you propose an experiment.

The cards are divided into small packets and both you and a lady from your audience acting as a witchdoctor, pass your hands over the piles to try and sense which packet has the gentleman’s thought of picture – with mixed results.

Please note the cards are not marked and right from the beginning you do NOT see the any of the pictures - no peeking.

Eventually, despite the test conditions, your trainee lady witchdoctor miraculously reveals the very picture that the gentleman has kept locked inside his own mind!

The effect is practically self-working and is based on a little-known trick that was in need of a really good routine to make it practical & commercial, which is exactly what we offer here.

Comes with pocket sized picture cards, super updated routine & instructions.

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