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Can you reveal a spectator’s simply thought of symbol?

You show a number of ESP signs and have a participant shuffle and mix them to her heart’s content. She then simply mentally chooses one without taking it from the packet, writing it down or any of the usual ways used so you can control it and reveal it later. Indeed, having mentally selecting any one (no force) she loses it again among the rest of the symbols.

Explaining that many people have latent Extra Sensory Perception, especially women, the cards are divided into small packets and both you and the lady pass your hands over the piles to try and sense which one has the thought of symbol – with mixed results.

Please note the ESP cards are not marked and right from the beginning you do NOT see the faces - no peeking.

Eventually, despite the test conditions under which it is performed, you amazingly reveal the very symbol that your spectator has kept locked inside her own mind!

The effect is practically self-working and is based on a little-known trick that was in need of a really good routine to make it practical & commercial which is exactly what we offer here.

Comes with pocket size ESP picture cards, updated routine & instructions.

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