Crazy Indian Compass - H Wise

Crazy Indian Compass - H Wise

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Based on our best-selling effect Crazy Flying Saucer & using a clever joke for a new climax, this really is a piece of hilarious entertainment that will have any type of audience laughing out loud.

You show them a large laminated card with a big arrow on it and then proceed with your story about your night out at the local public house and your journey back home when, forgetting where you live, you thought it a good idea to follow the arrow signs on a diverted stretch of the road.

First the arrows on your card point to the left, then suddenly point to the right, then one is pointing to the left and the other is pointing to the right, then one points upwards and another points downwards and on and on. It all happens so fast that the audience is left breathless as the routine gets funnier and funnier.

Eventually you end up on the middle of a roundabout utterly confused, and a curious policeman walks over to you asking, “Couldn’t you see the arrows?!”

“Arrows!” you indignantly reply, “I couldn’t even see the flipping Indians!” and you immediately open the compass to reveal four Indians complete with their bows and arrows.

You don’t need to be a comedian with this item as it is a sure-fire laughter producer with even the hardest of audiences. If you have been put off using the Comedy Compass for lack of a good climax, then you have found it, so why not be the first to feature it in your neck of the woods.

Comes with laminated square folding card & instructions.

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