Spellbound - Jumbo Size

Spellbound - Jumbo Size

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One of the most entertaining card effects ever!
Showing a number of playing cards, you demonstrate that by spelling a card’s number a letter at a time as you place each card below the packet you always arrive at a card that has that card’s exact value. So if you spell TWO the next card dealt will be a value Two and so on every time for each card.

You allow an audience member to try, but time after time they always end up with a Joker no matter how careful they are, yet you are able to produce their number by the spelling process, even after they have failed to do so. This simple premise has your audience holding their sides with laughter throughout this entertaining routine, leading to a stunning fun finish where the participant becomes the star of your show - and YOU end up as the Joker!

If you enjoy excellent entertaining card magic, and like being at least one step ahead of your audience all the time, you will love Spellbound.

Only ten cards are used, no extras, just fabulous easy to do visual magic and superb entertainment from start to finish.

Comes with instructions & playing cards in two sizes; jumbo for stage or poker size for close-up.

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