Bikini Girls Surprise

Bikini Girls Surprise

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What could be better than taking a beach holiday with the girls?

Bring out some of your favourite picture cards of beautiful beach babes – girls in sexy bikinis and freely show them one by one.

Then while reciting the famous ‘she loves me – she loves me not’ verse, a spectator discards all but one of the pictures, the lovelies are shown once again just so he knows what he has missed.

When he turns his selected choice over, the look on his face will be worth its weight in gold, as he invariable complains, “Where on earth did she come from?” It’s a complete mystery!

An awesome trick you will love doing for the boys and the girls.

The pictures supplied are laminated for long life. No sleight of hand to worry about and no false moves, rough & smooth or sticky stuff is used. Really easy to perform. Everything can be left for examination in the end if you wish.
Comes with picture cards of beautiful women & instructions.

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