Gravity Len Belcher

Gravity Len Belcher

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A close-up mystery that is both educational and mystifying, carry it in your pocket and you are all ready to perform.

You show three laminated cartoon pictures of the SUN, the MOON and the STARS, as you patter about the pull of gravity in outer space and how it affects our solar system, you then lay the three pictures out and pass a spectator a balled-up piece of paper to represent the Earth, ask them to move it over the three pictures and finally drop it on any one to demonstrate the pull of gravity.

Let us suppose they drop it on the Moon, and they do have an absolutely free choice; no force or counting is involved.

You invite them to open the ball of paper and read the message inside out loud, they read, “I predict that gravity will pull you to the Moon!"
This little gem was first invented and published by Len Belcher a head teacher from Cannock in Staffordshire, and full marketing rights were purchased by Mr E Enterprises.

It’s perfect for children or adults and it has to be the easiest of prediction methods ever invented.

Comes complete with pocket sized picture cards, prediction paper & instructions.

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