Star Maker - Giant size

Star Maker - Giant size

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Tony King has spent a lifetime entertaining both children and adults with his magic, fun shows, working at holiday camps, theatres, clubs, hotels, corporate events, schools and weddings for well over fifty years, you name it and he has done it! We were delighted when he first demonstrated this routine earlier this year, and over the moon when he gave us permission to offer it to our customers, now you are getting all that professional experience & knowledge. It comes highly recommended and can only advance your reputation as a true pro every time you perform it!

You show the children a spelling list and a number of picture cards, you demonstrate that by spelling all the letters from an animal on the list, a letter at a time and moving a card below the packet as you do so, you always arrive at a card that shows a picture of that very animal. So if you spell CAT the next card dealt will be a picture of a cat and so on every time for each card.

You allow a boy or girl from the audience to try but time after time they always end up with a clown picture no matter how careful they are, yet you are able to produce their animal by the simple spelling process, even after they have failed to do so.

This premise has your audience in fits of laughter throughout this very entertaining routine, leading to a stunning fun finish when the participant becomes the star of your show and YOU end up as the clown!

If you enjoy excellent entertaining magic, and like being at least one step ahead of your audience all the time, you will love Star Maker. Only ten picture cards are used, no extras just fabulous easy to do visual magic and superb entertainment from start to finish.

Comes with instructions, Spelling List & GIANT size cute animal picture cards.

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