Fantasy Film Awards - table-hopping pro size

Fantasy Film Awards - table-hopping pro size

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“Welcome to the Fantasy Film Awards where a movie star of the past or present is selected to be presented an accolade for their work in the film industry.”

“This time around we have ten finalists and while none of them are here today, nevertheless, for your approval I have ten pictures of them to view and select a winner.

Madam, would you please take these star pictures and check them out.” So saying you hand ten pictures of actors to a volunteer from the audience, who confirms they are actual pictures of TV & cinema stars.

She is then asked to mix them thoroughly faces down and you now turn your back while the lady selects one of the pictures with them still in her own hands – positively no force she simply just thinks of one contestant only in her own mind. No writing it down or anything similar.

In what follows she is asked to pretend to take a front seat in her local cinema, close her eyes and simply concentrate on seeing the chosen actor.

You now slowly eliminate nine of the pictures holding the tenth picture back out to the audience. For the first time the lady announces her choice of star as the winner of this prestigious award, you then turn the card you hold to face the audience – it is the very self-same picture!

Remember no force, no stooges. Pictures are unfaked and may be examined freely at any time.

A stunning effect that you can work up into a feature in your show. No skill is required save that of presentation

Comes with laminated picture cards table-hopping size & instructions.

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