Amazing Human Lie Detector - Table-Hop Pro Size

Amazing Human Lie Detector - Table-Hop Pro Size

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Entertaining, effective & straight forward it almost works itself. Packed with audience participation. Eddie used this for several years as part of his billing as The Human Lie Detector.

You pass out five large playing cards for examination, these can be mixed and shuffled by your audience, as you explain that you have studied lie detection without using a Polygraph machine and you rely instead on people’s breathing, palpitations, hesitation, and general body language for your clues.

With your back turned to your participant you instruct him over your shoulder to mix the five cards even more thoroughly. Then you ask him with the cards in his own hands to simply think of one of the five cards while your back is still turned so you cannot receive any clues as to the card he has in his mind.

Now you ask him only to answer yes to your following questions, in this way he will tell four lies and only answer truthfully on ONE occasion.

Taking a card in turn you ask questions such as, “Is your card a RED card?” or a heart card etc, to each question he answers yes. In this manner you eliminate in turn four of the cards, until you are left holding just one card back to the audience.

Now you ask him to truthfully name his simply thought of card, let’s say he names the, “Jack of hearts.” You turn around the card you are holding for everyone to see it is indeed the Jack of Hearts!

This clever method is 100% certain. The card is different every time you perform it. Yet you always reveal the card he is merely thinking of correctly. No stooges, no peeking. Everything can be left for examination.

Comes complete with instructions & five unfaked playing cards in Table-Hop Pro size.

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