Card Trick with Three Surprises

Card Trick with Three Surprises

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Based on a card effect by American Harry Anderson, originally marketed by Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, this is my variation inspired by Anderson’s awesome ‘Mish Mash’ card routine.

You promise to give an audience member three surprises if they help you with a card trick and have them select a playing card from the pack which they keep concealed from view, then you draw the audience’s attention to an A5 sized envelope.

Surprise number 1: You ask your volunteer if she will be surprised if you had a picture of her selected card inside your envelope, you take out from the envelope an A5 laminated picture on a folder and she confirms her card is present but not quite in the way she expected.

Surprise number 2: You ask if she would be even more surprised if, “Your card is on the other side.” and turn it over to show it is truly there, but again not in the form she thought.

Seeing she is a little disappointed, you allow the folder to open to remind her of the first two surprises she has received so far and ask if she would like a really BIG surprise for her third; so she finally names out loud the card she has concealed then you show the other side of your open folder to reveal a big A4 laminated picture of the very card she chose!

This really is an entertaining, novel and surprising way to reveal a selected card that keeps your audience interested from start to finish and if you can force a card (we tell you how) you can be performing it straight away. Sold at a pocket money price and worth every penny in entertainment value.

Three guaranteed laughs at every performance!

Comes with the laminated Surprise folder & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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