Topsy Turvey Mr Punch & Policeman GIANT A4 size

Topsy Turvey Mr Punch & Policeman GIANT A4 size

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Two double-sided colourful picture cards of Mr Punch & the Policeman are displayed, these pictures are shown to be on both sides.

In addition to the pictures, you also use two empty, unfaked, sleeves that the pictures fit into.

You explain that the Policeman is arresting Mr Punch because he hasn’t behaved himself at all in any of his shows.

Mr Punch reasons that he is really a puppet actor & he wasn’t being naughty just pretending, to make the children chuckle.

The Policeman is not convinced and says that Mr Punch has to prove he is innocent of the crimes by making all the children present laugh.

An adult or child is asked to exactly duplicate your actions with Mr Punch using the Policeman, and you take one card and one sleeve each – however, try as they might they never succeed in doing so.

You both start off with pictures exactly the same way up, but after the participant follows your exact actions you still have Mr Punch facing upwards while the Policeman ends up upside down causing everyone to laugh out loud.

They try once again but no matter how careful they are again they always fail. It’s loads of fun!

Finally, you teach them the magic word that you have been secretly muttering under your breath – they say it also and to loud applause are successful in bringing the routine to a fun-packed climax!

With small children, should you so wish, it can be your picture that ends up the wrong way around and the child always gets it right.

This is the ideal way of introducing a Punch & Judy show; or using the Characters and their comedy business in your children's magic show.

The cards are laminated for long life and so will give you many years of trouble-free use. They will sit flat into the bottom of your case and are ideal when you need something different or have a little extra time to fill in your show. No skill required.

Comes with GIANT A4 sized picture cards, two sleeves & instructions.

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