Mr Punch & Judy

Mr Punch & Judy

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“That’s the way to do it!” Punch & Judy’s ever-popular puppet show is now available as a magic trick for all the family to enjoy. Featuring the well-known characters; Mr Punch, Judy, the Baby, Policeman, Crocodile and Sausages it’s ten minutes of fantastic fun and if you are a professor it is the ideal way of introducing your performance.

It seems that Mr Punch has been going a bit too far with his antics to make the children laugh, so a team of policemen have been drafted in to arrest him and take him off to jail but that would mean the children can no longer laugh, shout and squeal at his hilarious behaviour.

But old Mr Punch has lost none of his craftiness during his 150 plus years of public appearances, and he gives the policemen a right run-around as they try to catch him and lock him up.

Just when they think they have him, he magically changes to Judy and the baby and then disappears completely, is he hiding in the puppet booth? No, that is empty save for the crocodile & the sausages, where can he have got to? the children will soon let you know because he keeps popping up at the top and sides of the booth when you are not looking.

Eventually you catch him, and the children find him not guilty of any crimes so he can continue to enjoy his job of entertaining many more audiences as long as they want him!

Comes complete with laminated cards of the Booth (approx A4), jumbo sized picture cards of Policemen, Judy, Baby & Mr Punch, & instructions.

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