52 Backs to one - Jumbo Size

52 Backs to one - Jumbo Size

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We have all enjoyed the 52 faces to one gag card, but it really is time for something different, which was the thought that inspired Eddie to make up this Comedy gag card.

Show your prediction envelope and have someone merely think of a playing card cut to in the deck. Ask if they would be surprised if inside the envelope was a picture of that very card. Take out the picture and show that it is random display of various cards (not the usual 52 cards on one) and asking the spectator to look it over as you state “Your cards must be there somewhere” But the laughs on you when they say, “No it isn’t!”

However, you point out one face down card showing its red back and claim that this is the chosen card, causing another laugh, and what’s more, you say they chose the only card with a red back, they name their card, let’s say is the King of Diamonds; turning the prediction card over you show the single same card-face just named, among several blue backed cards.

Furthermore, you spread out the deck from which the card was selected which also proves to have blue backs, with just one red backed card in the centre of the spread. They turn this card over it is also the King of Diamonds

Card can be changed for a repeat performance.

Comes with instructions and Jumbo sized cards. Use your own deck of cards for the selection

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