Clown Who Lost His Head

Clown Who Lost His Head

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Based on the wonderful Forgetful Freddie trick invented by the legendary Milbourne Christopher. This is a classic effect that has remained popular for decades and for good reason.

The colourful clown's head is removed, as you explain that clowns are always changing their face.

A balloon is substituted for his head and you may draw a face on this with a marker pen.

The clown's head is then hidden underneath a cloth and you 'accidentally' lose it - it has vanished.

The balloon on the clown suddenly pops and his head is magically back in place once again!

Delightful magic which makes both the children and the adults present laugh and applaud.

We have been trying to get our hands on this fantastic item for several years & have finally succeeded in acquiring a limited supply.

Buy yours NOW and feature it in your next show. You will find plenty of inspirational performance videos online.

Comes with Devil's handkerchief, Clown prop (approx 16 x 8", 41 x 20cms) & instructions.

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