Ultra Matchic

Ultra Matchic

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See the video on youtube. This is a very clever and strong “matching effect” with a double-whammy climax.

The performer displays two sets of thirteen animal picture cards. There are duplicates of every animal in both piles.

A spectator is asked to select any card in one pile, face down, there is absolutely no force. The selected card is then placed crosswise in the pile, to mark it.

The performer now turns over a card from each pile, one at a time. The pairs do not match.

When he comes to the selected card he puts this to one side with the corresponding card from the other pile, face down. After all the cards have been dealt, and none of the pairs match, the selected card and its mate are turned over. They are a perfect match. That’s climax Number One.

Now both the piles are turned over face down. They are tapped with the selected card pair and then turned face up, one from each pile. Now every pair is a perfect match – a stunning second climax!

Many more effects are possible with the included cards, and we detail four other stunning tricks that can be performed with these handy cards.

The effect lends itself nicely to a story about Noah and his Ark for Christian audiences.

Comes complete with picture cards (approx 3.5 x 2.5",9 x 6.5cms) & instructions. Limited stocks on this item.

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